Wild Woman Trail Marathon and Relay

Join the annual Wild Woman Trail Marathon and Relay, a trail run created by and for women Saturday, July 16. It is. Women and girl friends are invited to join an endorphin filled weekend. Come for the ultra, the marathon, or the relay! Stay for the weekend if you’d like at our Mt. Adams base camp. Bring your tent (or RV) and your friends. Wild Woman Marathon has all the ingredients for an untamed weekend: good trails, good food, and great women. Consider this an invitation to all the wild women who like to run long, play hard, and eat locally.

Miles of trails through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and surrounding timberlands make the Wild Woman trail run a favorite. You can pick from three options: 50K, marathon, marathon relay (with teams of up to 4). The course is essentially one big loop with aid stations every 4-7 miles. There are 6 total aid stations (7 for the 50K) providing water, electrolyte drinks, and snacks. There are four legs to the marathon relay with three exchange points. You can have two to four people on your team. If you want to run the entire marathon and still be part of a team, you must run the first leg of the relay for your team.Wild Woman Marathon

  • Individuals or relay teams of up to four.
  • Feast on a fabulous lunch of local foods.
  • Post-run yoga and water trough plunge
  • Easy camping, Mt. Adams view, big starry night sky.
  • Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Trout Lake,
  • Washington Events start on Friday evening.
  • View our website for complete information http://www.wildwomanmarathon.com/

We live (and run) up, down, and even around the base of Mt. Adams (a 12,276-foot volcano). For the past few years, marathons (road and trail) have provided us with an opportunity to reconnect with girlfriends from Austin to Boston, Seattle to Eugene. We’ve traded life stories over plates of pre-run pasta and post-run pinot gris. We decided it was time to return the favor, and hold a women’s trail run in our backyard and invite gals from all over to run with us.

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