What Do YOU Want from the MAPARD Levy?

Levy Prop. 1 on the November ballot will allow MAPARD to provide support for existing recreational programs, and to develop new programs requested by the District communities. We’ve had several meetings with community organizations where a long list of potential projects have been suggested. We’d also like to have your individual input about recreational programs you feel would be important to your community. take-our-surveyPlease review the following list of programs, then take our informational survey to add your own suggestions. 

Frisbee Disc Golf Course,
Dog Obedience Training Sessions,
Movies in the Park,
Urban Trail System, 
Water aerobics,
Trailhead in Klickitat, 
Bike Path,
Playground Equipment, 
Discover Club at Columbia High School, 
Fun Run,
Walking/running track, 
Underwater hockey,
Junior Park Day,
BMX course, 
Roller Derby, 
Gear Swap Website, 
Swim Teams,
Kids in Motion, 
Bike Park, 
Burdoin Mountain Trails, 
Splash for Cash fundraiser, 
Swim Lessons,
Trail Signs, 
Kliikitat Trail 1/2 Marathon, 
Wild Woman Marathon,
Biking/Running Biathlon,
Mt Adams Country Bicycle Tour,
Backyard Half (marathon), 
School Programs for health awareness, 
Access for Equestrian, hiking, biking, Nordic activities, 
Backyard Half (marathon), 
Ecological Awareness programs, 
School Programs for health awareness,
Towns to Trails, 
Kayak roll lessons,
Outdoor Club Mentoring Program,
SCUBA lessons

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