Vern Harpole Appointed to Commissioner #1 Seat

We’re pleased to announce and welcome Vern Harpole to MAPARD Commissioner Position #1. For many years Vern has been an active and widely respected physician, leader, and advocate for health and welfare issues in the Gorge. Now, by volunteering to fill the last vacant seat on the MAPARD Commisson, he will help Mt Adams Park & Rec move toward our vision “to help our communities (organizations, businesses, and individuals) provide needed recreational programs and facilities, and to encourage and engage all our citizens and communities in achieving active, healthy, and safe recreational lifestyles”.

In addition to serving on the MAPARD Commission, Vern is actively involved in Lyle’s OLESS non-profit organization reviving the old elementary school, serves as a board member of Klickitat/Skamania Children’s Network, and is a Lyle Grange member. In introducing himself Vern said, “I have long been a supporter of MAPARD, and I now want to be a voice for the outlying District areas of Lyle, Klickitat, Murdock, and Dallesport”.

Vern moved to Lyle, WA, in 2006, after 20-years as a career physician in US Coast Guard and as a physician for 12 years at Kaiser Permanente in Longview, WA. He’s recently been County Health Officer for Wasco County Health Department, served on the board of Skyline Hospital, served as the Physician Director for NorCor, and served as the physician supervisor for Wilson St. no-insurance clinic in Hood River. With his long resume of service Vern will be a great contributor to developing robust Parks and Recreation programs for western Klickitat County.

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