Lyle Sandbar Access Meeting

Mount Adams Parks and Recreation District (MAPARD) is sponsoring a community meeting to discuss access to the Lyle Sandbar with County Commissioner Dave Sauter. The meeting is open to anyone from the Gorge area.  It will be held at the Lyle Lion’s club, September 28, starting at 7 PM.

Commissioner Sauter has had preliminary meetings with BNSF and Forest Service.  He said “There has been interest in doing something to solve this issue by both the railroad and Forest Service in the recent meetings.  But I would appreciate getting public comment and proof of community interest and support to bring back to the meetings with the Rail Road and Forest Service.”  Commissioner Sauter is very interested in gaining permanent, safe, and legal access to the sandbar, since access points are so limited.

kiteboarding-imageThe Sandbar has become a very popular site for kite boarders, and on non-windy days it is a very nice spot for literally walking on the beach with pets and children.  However, current access requires parking in an area that has no pavement or parking control, crossing busy highway 14, going down unimproved slippery rocky slopes, and crossing railroad tracks that are posted”No Crossing”.

There has been a long history of interest in using this area, but legal permanent access has been very complicated to negotiate and coordinate between all the involved parties, including the State Highway Department, Klickitat County, US Forest Service, and BNSF railroad.  Commissioner Sauter will discuss all the ownership and permitting and funding issues involved.

Preliminary plans are to pave parking lot, and build underpass walkways for both highway and railroad.  Questions and discussions will be encouraged at the meeting.

MAPARD encourages anyone with an interest and/or concern about access to the Lyle Sandbar to attend.

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