2016-2022 MAPARD Levy Budget

A budget is a planning document that reflects intent. As you explore the MAPARD levy budget you’ll see that we intend for a small staff to make a priority of obtaining outside grants, and to use and distribute those funds throughout the District for recreational programs and projects in all our communities, including: Bingen, BZ Corner, Dallesport, Glenwood, Husum, Klickitat, Lyle, Snowden, and White Salmon. 

Volunteers and donations are no longer enough to support or develop strong District-wide recreation programs to serve the entire lifecycle of our families – youth, young adult, adult and senior. Voters are given an opportunity to secure healthy recreation for ALL our communities. This levy can make MAPARD the glue that binds us together, making a healthier place for ALL.

Time and again, in meetings with community groups and individuals working to provide recreation projects and programs, we hear that they need more consistent funding, more volunteers, better continuity, and a way to reach into more communities. Basically, they need help, and that’s what the levy will enable the District to do.

This small individual levy investment will provide support and continuity for recreational programs throughout the larger District community, and make more efficient and effective use of recreational resources and assets within all our communities. By pulling together we can stop duplicating efforts and start finding volunteers, funding, and resources to support long term recreation programs where kids, families, and adults can participate, learn, and enjoy fun,healthy, and safe recreational activities.

For more information visit the MAPARD.org website, or contact the commissioners at MAPARDmail@gmail.com, (541) 716-1311, PO Box 2671, White Salmon, WA 98672.

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