Guler Ice Cave and Natural Bridges

A warren of partially collapsed lava tubes a few miles west of Trout Lake on SR141 used to be a local source for ice during the summer and fall, but are now an interesting tourist attraction with its ice stalactites, stalagmites, pillars, and sheets. An often ice-covered wooden stairway descends 20′ into one of the largest caverns, but be extremely careful as the ice coating everywhere can be extremely slick and treacherous.

A short distance further along SR141 is the Natural Bridges area where narrow rock bridges spanning a 30’+ deep chasm are all that remain of the roof portion over a large collapsed lava tube.

Both areas are also popular destinations for cross-country skiers and snowshoers from nearby Atkisson Sno-Park during winter months.

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Open a descriptive brochure about the Ice Caves or explore these other resource links to learn more about the area:

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