Disc Golf Course(s)

DiscGolfIconWhite Salmon groups have restarted discussions with MAPARD toward building one or more disc golf courses to serve residents and visitors of the District. Finding locations for the projects that are convenient for users, showcases the scenic and natural beauty of the area, and provides challenges to the players is the next step. The cost of building a course is minimal, roughly $300 per hole, and several local businesses are anxious to sponsor holes. Maintenance is expected to be performed by local user groups on an annual and seasonal basis. Get involved, contact MAPARD Commissioner Lloyd DeKay at [sf_email]MAPARDmail@gmail.com[/sf_email].

Disc Golf Project Updates


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  1. Very excited to see this news. If you need volunteers there are a few Facebook pages dedicated to disc golf in the Gorge area. One is North Bonnieville Disc Golf Page and we also have Gorge Disc Golf page. People will be willing to travel and lend a hand. Feel free to contact me at 509.369.1024. Thanks for all you are doing for people and the sport I love.